Signature Fitness Smith Machine Conversion Kit (SF-SMCK1) for SF-SS1 1,000 Pound Capacity 3” x 3” Power Rack Squat Stand

Regular price $369.99

Quick Overview
  • Converts the Signature Fitness SF-SS1 Squat Stand into a fully functional Smith Machine! NOTE: Does not include the SF-SS1 Squat Stand
  • Two chrome upright guiding poles for barbell path with 15 safety pin positions for improved safety and comfortability
  • Comes with adjustable safety spotter hooks that stay locked into place under the barbell. Move them to whatever height suits the motion you are performing
  • Olympic 2” barbell with rotating safety hooks that lock onto safety pins; also includes 2" barbell clamps for olympic barbell
  • Dimensions: 73.6" Width, 48.8" Depth, 82.6" Height

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