Signature Fitness SF-L2 Commercial Grade Plate Loaded Adjustable Leg Press Machine with Extra Plate Storage, Rated for 1,000 Pound Capacity

Regular price $2,699.99

  • LEG PRESS: The Leg Press isolates the lower body, targeting quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and caves. By changing your foot position on the platform, you will engage different muscles groups. Plate loaded bars fit 2" (Olympic) sized weight plates.
  • OVERSIZED FOOTREST: The SF-L2 Leg Press features an oversized footrest to allow the user to experiment with different foot positions, isolating different lower body muscle groups
  • LOCK-OUT POSITIONS: Two lockout positions are under the athletes’ control throughout the Leg Press movement. Fold in the handrails to begin the motion and when you are done with your set fold them out to lock the carriage bar in place. If you feel you cannot complete a motion, use the safety lockout position mid-rep.
  • COMFORTABLE PADDING: The SF-L2 Leg Press features thick, comfortable padding that will reduce strain and stress on your back and muscles as you lift weights. The comfortable pads support the lower back and shoulder areas.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: High-gauge steel construction makes this commercial grade product a solid and stable piece of fitness equipment. The diamond plated footplate offers plenty of grip and the powder-coated paint will leave a longer-lasting finish.

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